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How to Make Your Business More ‘Instagrammable’

October 3, 2017

The advertising nature of social media can drastically transform businesses. Just take a look at the likes of Frank Body Scrub and Sugar Bear Hair ­– two prime examples of businesses that have shot to fame, so to speak, thanks to that marketing goldmine known as Instagram.

Yes, the photo-sharing platform we’ve come to love and adore can be bountiful in baiting new customers – so long as you’re strategic about your marketing. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer or a service provider, there are a few key steps to achieving Instagram success. Let us guide you with these eight simple strategies.

Use white space

While creativity is certainly encouraged in social media marketing, some of the best Instagram feeds focus on oodles of white space. The lack of clutter makes it easy on consumers’ eyes while simultaneously shining the spotlight on your product.

Take advantage of natural light

This won’t always be possible, but natural light is the ultimate way to bring out the best in your products.

Be wary of filters

Following on from the previous point, the overuse of filters can induce a sense of artificiality, which may hinder the amount of trust customers place in your brand. Be as authentic as possible and keep filters to a minimum.

Shape a brand personality

Consumers seek out brands they can bridge relationships with. They want something that speaks to them; that befriends them. Use a personal tone in your posts, employ relatable language and imagery, and work to engage with your audience.

nike instagram business
Nike ticks all the Instagram boxes: clear storytelling, featured celebrities, striking product photography and clever logo displays.

Stick to a colour theme

Choose two or three core colours to feature throughout your feed. These colours should typically reflect your brand, so it’s a good idea to extract the colours from your logo or website. By creating a theme, consumers can begin to immediately recognise your brand among the thousands of others appearing in their feeds.

Create your own graphics

If you’re a service-based business, you might find it more difficult to curate a striking Instagram feed. After all, what are you going to photograph? Well, this is where you can put on your design hat and create your own graphics to publish. Canva is ideal for this, gifting design novices with a really simple platform to make graphics. Herein, you can display industry stats, advertise offers, showcase your latest blog post (with link included in bio) – the opportunities are wide and varied. Just remember to slap your logo on your graphics to prevent other brands from stealing your artwork!

Engage with influencers

If you’ve got the moolah to spend a little extra on your social media marketing, why not recruit a social influencer? Word of mouth will always be a powerful way to generate interest in a brand, and when it’s a celebrity or well-known public figure that’s spreading that word, you can quickly nab plenty of new customers.

Test your posts

Last but not least, regularly assess the performance of your Instagram posts and determine what works (and what flops). Once you’ve hit a winning strategy, continue with it. This could be as simple as a ‘motivational Monday’ post each week or a series of profile features on your team members.