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Optimising your App Store Listing to Boost Conversions

August 8, 2017

You’ve spent a lot of time and money on the creation of your app, so it’s only natural that you want people to see it. In such a competitive market, there needs to be strong techniques in place in order to receive high downloads and ultimately have your app succeed. It’s not always easy to get your app seen within the app store, unless you get a featured spot or pay for it to be advertised widely. Organic discovery is getting harder and harder to achieve, but there is a way to optimise your app in order to gain a higher listing and boost your chances of conversion.

App store optimisation (ASO) is a way to boost your ranking within app stores. It is similar in nature to search engine optimisation (SEO), where keywords are used to determine an app’s ranking based on common search terms. This can ultimately boost its ranking, and may also reflect a higher installation number.

The Way to Optimisation

There are a number of key factors to take into consideration when looking to optimise your app ranking. These are:

1. Keyword Search

Take the time to identify what keywords correlate best with your app before you submit it to the app store. You can do this through specific ways, such as asking a percentage of your target audience to identify words they would use to look for an app like yours, as well as by evaluating the competitiveness of the keyword. By doing this, you can narrow down the best keyword phrases specific to the nature and functionality of your app.

2. The Title

To heighten your chances of ASO, there should be keyword inclusions within your app’s title. This adds more prominent keywords for you to be identified by. Additionally, the first 25 characters of your overall title are usually displayed within search results, meaning they hold great importance in elevating your visibility.

3. Description

This is arguably the most important factor, and can drive users to download your app. You need to show them why they should spend their time on your app, what it can do for them and the benefits of it. There are also different requirements depending which app store you choose to place your app within, and as such, you want to make sure you meet these so that your app has the best possible chance to perform well.

4. Icon

That all-important icon is the identifying factor of your app, and most likely the first thing that your potential user will see when they discover your app. You need to ensure that it is eye-catching so that it baits the attention of your users amongst a sea of similar apps, otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure.

By spending that little extra time developing the marketing and sales of your app, you can set yourself ahead and heighten your chances for greater ASO. The app development process doesn’t finish when you add the last app element, but continues through app store listings and user downloads. Make sure your app is seen by employing these handy techniques.