Why People Love Binky: The Anti-Social Media

July 20, 2017

It is almost impossible these days to wander a street without seeing someone buried in their smart device, most likely scrolling through a social media platform of their choosing. In 2017, you would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t know at least three social media platforms, whether that is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Social media is inescapable.

Although it is great for its connectivity and social debates, social media also harbours its fair share of negativity – whether that is the occasional negative comment, the pressure of performing, or the sad or confronting videos and photos that find their way into our newsfeed. It is sometimes hard to disconnect in the connection of social media, especially when there are things that influence our emotions or stressors.

This was all until Binky was born – a new mobile app created to offer a social media experience that holds absolutely no meaning for its users.

Binky was made as a retaliation to the invasive and engaging platforms that we find ourselves scrolling through each and every day. The content that is posted amongst the site is just general, mainly posts about objects, places, meals, travel destinations and more. The captions themselves simply state the contents of each picture. Binky is just a stream, with no underlying, thought-provoking meaning. It simply gives people something to scroll through.

In other words, it’s a completely fake, generated social platform.

This compelling new app has an edge, selling its users the opportunity to do absolutely nothing. It is dubbed ‘the anti-social media’ due to its complete lack of social inclusion. Instead, users can have a ‘fake’ experience, whereby comments or likes left on other photos do not appear to anyone but the user that leaves it. It plays into the core reason why most people use social media: to aimlessly scroll.

There is nothing normal about Binky. This is illustrated in the fun aspects that the app has that aren’t typically found within social media platforms: for instance, when you ‘like’ a post, shooting stars dart across your screen in an array of colours. To highlight the anti-social media platform further, when a user goes to ‘re-bink’, a message appears saying: “Do you want to re-bink this bink? It doesn’t do anything”.

It’s a comical, fresh way to look at social media (minus the social aspect).

There is no one to interact with. No followers; no one watching what you do. Just you and a fake newsfeed. So, if you don’t like the social aspect of social media – then Binky is perfect for you.