Remove Followers and Switch Off Comments: How Instagram’s Newest Update is Giving You More Control

December 7, 2016

As 2016 hurtles towards a close, Instagram has decided to wrap up the year by rolling out some brand new features that will potentially revolutionise the way users approach the platform. As of this week, Instagrammers can now ‘like’ comments, block abusive comments, and limit who can see their posts with just a few quick taps of the screen.

Why is Instagram doing this?

While some are claiming the social network has adopted these changes in order to keep up with competitors like Facebook, there are certainly concrete reasons explaining these adjustments. Essentially, the rollout is part of an ongoing strategy to “keep the platform safe and welcoming for everyone”.

It makes sense, considering Instagram’s recent span of efforts to tighten up the platform: the network introduced a new digital alert feature earlier this year designed to promote better mental health, while also deciding to ban negative hashtags such as #thinspo.

With the newest update, Instagram users can now choose to disable the comment function either prior to uploading a post or in retrospect, therefore helping to avert damaging feedback. Furthermore, for those holding private accounts, they can simply go into their Followers list and select ‘Remove’ to bar a user from their profile; in the past, the only way to prevent someone from following your account was to completely block them.

Businesses can greatly benefit from these updates

Up until now, some business owners have understandably hesitated to prop their pride-and-joy upon the Instagram pedestal, fearing they’ll be laying out a welcome mat for internet trolls to lash out and attack them. However, with the latest features in place, Instagram account holders can now carefully curate their digital business portfolios and exercise much greater control over their online reputation.

It’s been a big year for our favourite photo-sharing app

The latest features are just another link in the chain of updates Instagram has made to its channel this year. A few months ago, we saw the platform unleash a Snapchat-like function called ‘Instagram Stories’, bringing an ephemeral aspect to the channel for the very first time. 2016 was also the year Instagram launched 60-second video ads and overhauled its classic logo to introduce a fresh, new design.

Having reached mega milestones such as gaining 500 million users, the beloved social media giant is certainly doing something right in the world of digital consumerism – we can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store…