The Customer Journey

Throughout the discovery phase, we’ll ensure we get to know your brand and its unique market approach back-to-front, before our designers and developers put pencil to paper or fingers to keys. We believe the customer journey is imperative to the overall functioning of the final application. In each stage of the process, we ensure our thorough research, consultations, rapid prototyping, focus groups, A/B testing and workshops all contribute to the end-result and client’s vision.

Rapid Prototyping App Development

Our developers will create a real-world prototype that you can test yourself, whether it is an Apple app for iPhone or iPad, an Android device or Windows phone. We’ll then collate vital feedback and use that information to develop a final application that exceeds expectations. We work with, for and are partnered with the very best from Apple and Telstra, through to Microsoft and Samsung. So, naturally, we deliver the absolute best, too.

Innovative Mobile Solutions

We’ve developed mobile-first solutions for one of Melbourne’s major public transport operators, made scanning barcodes easy for shoppers Australia-wide, and have created a digital publication for one of Australia’s leading surf magazines. Our talented and expert team of designers, developers and creatives are seasoned in the arena of app development, constructing apps for brands across Australia—all of which are intuitive in nature and in design.

Identify opportunities

Our team will acknowledge any gaps in the industry and outline how your app can address the problems of your target market.

Workshop possible solutions

With an abundance of paths to take, our app developers will research which one is most beneficial to your business, ensuring absolute success as the end-result.

Outline specifics

Taking your budget, requirements and objectives into consideration, we’ll craft an action plan that puts your most important details first, not last.

Develop distribution model

After you’ve given us the go ahead to go live with your fresh, new application, we’ll create an in-depth distribution approach that embraces current industry trends and user behaviours.

Action powerful marketing

Once your project is ready to hit the market, we’ll distribute it through strategic, well-researched avenues that employ on-trend digital marketing tactics.

Monitor current and future trends

Keeping an eye on what’s going on in your field, we’ll identify any vital trends and technologies that can add to the competitive edge of your application.

I love the excitement and ever-changing environment that comes with the world of app development. I don’t know of another job where you see the results of your hard work in the hands of people on the street.

Benny Sheerin
Appscore Technical Director