You know what you want and you know what your philosophy is, you just need a little help getting it out. No one knows your business better than you, but you might lack the language to explain it properly. That’s where our workshops come in; we don’t just speak the language, we can translate. Sit down with our designers for a chat and let us turn your concept into an actionable plan. You know where you are and where you want to be, let us fill in everything in between.

Whether you’ve got something rough you need us to refine, or are starting from just an idea of how you want your customers to feel when interacting with your brand, we can help. We know what works and what doesn’t, and what turns off users right away.

UX, wireframes & prototypes

An informed decision is a good decision. At Appscore, we’re a measure twice, cut once kind of team. We rigorously prototype and wireframe every app and website we make, ensuring that it’s got everything you need and nothing you don’t. With literally millions of apps, and even more websites, building something people want to hold onto forever means drawing the shortest line between what you’ve got and what they want.

You’ll work with a cross-section of our designers and developers to generate a rough cut of your website. You’ll figure out with us what the most crucial parts of your business are and work to create a wireframe of your site or a prototype of your app that reflects what’s important. We believe in clean, no-nonsense design. We’re a mobile first company; there’s no room on a mobile screen for clutter. Putting everything the customer needs upfront means happy return visitors and apps that stay installed.

UI & design

Got an idea for the world’s best mobile game or the hot new social network? If you can’t make that accessible to your customers, it might as well not exist. In the 21st century, it’s important that your digital presence looks good while delivering the information and experience your customers need.

We’re perfectionists when it comes to user interfaces. You shouldn’t have to explain a thing about your app or website; a customer should be able to drop in and immediately get what they want. Good user interfaces ensure the path of least resistance is deeper into your digital space, not back to a Google results page or their homescreen. Watch your bounce rate drop and your conversions rise with intelligent user interface design from Appscore.

Combining innovation with seamless user-experiences drives me to continue creating platforms that impress our clients and solve problems for their customers.

Stephan Willen
UI/UX Designer