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What pay-per-click can do for you and your brand

PPC is the most immediate form of digital marketing currently available. Roughly two-thirds of internet searches go through Google. So, with Appscore helping you choose the right key phrase, you could be reaching thousands of people who would otherwise pass you by.

Search engines are one of the top ways people discover new brands, so ensure that you’re doing the right thing by your company. Get on this cost-effective way of marketing and see immediate results. Feed that money into your core business or into further marketing. Turn your company into a brand with help from Appscore.

Get your name out there

Having Appscore’s expert PPC team run your campaign is like having an advertising team design, place and erect a physical billboard for you. A billboard would have the right message and be placed where everyone can see it, so expect the same from us. We’ll ensure that what you have to say cuts through the noise and is in the right place, reaching the kind of customers you’re after.

Target your most dedicated fans

Some people aren’t going to be your target demographic, and that’s fine. Appscore managers take the time to understand your business philosophy and your products, ensuring that we’re aiming for the most profitable, viable markets available. We’ll target customers who find your business relevant to their lifestyles, meaning a higher chance of successfully converting an exposure into a click then into a sale.

Take control of your advertising budget

One of PPC’s greatest strengths is its flexibility and configurability. You only pay when someone clicks, and you have total control over the budget, ensuring you only pay what you can afford. Whatever your PPC budget, our services will be charged at a set monthly rate, so there’s no cutting into your operational budget.

Optimise your conversion rate

Why do some websites pull people back every day, and some get clicked away from in seconds? Conversion rate optimisation is often the answer. CRO is fundamentally the study of what your customers find attractive. Discovering how you could tweak your website to turn passersby into paying customers is essential not just to the growth of your online store, but can also benefit other parts of your business.

We’ll rigorously test your current website, analysing how quickly people leave after arriving, and work up theories as to why. Is the layout confusing? Is the colour scheme putting people off? Whatever the problem is, we’ll find it and correct it, working with you to produce something that’s on-message for your company and attractive to your customers.

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Greater profit, fewer time-wasters

You always hope that every phone call or email ends in a sale. Effective CRO improves the overall shopping experience of your customers, making people more likely to buy instead of browse or enquire. Appscore can help you revamp your website to offer more to visitors, meaning more sales with less effort on your part.

Inform your business strategy

The CRO process is also a great chance to learn about your market. By experimenting with what works and what doesn’t, you’ll be able to refine other aspects of your business’ branding and marketing, zeroing in on your target demographic. Refine your advertising with Appscore.

Improve your brand on and offline

If your website gives people what they want in a clean professional way, they’re more likely to think better of your entire brand. What’s more, repeat customers and a low bounce rate can have a positive impact on search engine optimisation efforts, as Google tends to look favourably on websites that can be proven to give customers what they want.