Simple Strategies to Use Social Media Better

June 28, 2016

Sometimes it can feel as though there is no time available in the day to nurture your social media audience. If you are an entrepreneur, you will have a lot of other tasks at hand to ensure your business runs successfully; you hardly have time to attend to your many social media accounts.

There are some simple ways to take hold of your social media accounts, though, and start engaging a worthwhile audience.

Conduct in-depth research

Keep in mind, it doesn’t necessarily matter how much you post – the key factor in social media success is posting better, more engaging content that will surely make them stop scrolling and pay attention to what you have to say.

It might seem obvious, but it is absolutely essential to research your field so you have something important to say. If you conduct in-depth research from the get-go, you’ll find it even easier to think of a post when it comes down to it – and this post will have more reach, as it will tap into what people are already talking about.

Post textured content

These days, social media is richer than ever, and we are able to post in many different content types to truly capture our followers’ attention. Facebook alone now has the option to post photos, videos and 360-degree interactive images. Why not tap into each of these content types and post something that truly delivers.

Tell, don’t sell

Take some time to notice what people are interested in and post content that taps into their buying intentions. Perhaps you have a landscaping business. People who follow you aren’t simply looking for quick fixes and minimal lawn maintenance. In all likelihood, their core intention is making their home beautiful and welcoming. Think about posting inspiration, DIY tips and interior trends instead of just posting a sales pitch, discounts and company news. After all, people are more likely to follow a useful, inspiring account.

Post similar content on each channel

There’s no point straining yourself to find a variety of interesting content. If you prefer, you could think of one idea and adapt it to a certain social channel. On Instagram you would make this idea more image-heavy, while on Facebook you would post more text.

Over time, you’ll notice which content performs best on which platform and will be able to adjust your strategy accordingly.

Pre-schedule your posts

Sign up for a scheduling software like Hootsuite or Buffer that lets you set and forget the posts in your feed. Dedicate a couple of hours at the start of each week to sit down and plan your posts in bulk. Condensing your planning into a single session means you won’t have to scramble for ideas come time to post – and you’ll be more productive by concentrating on one task at a time.