Custom Site Requirements

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  • A bit about your company background and future plans would be great.
  • The thing that sets you apart from your competitors.
  • To drive sales, to replace a retail storefront, to increase your presence, to backup a TV ad campaign etc.
  • EG: Middle aged men who are losing their hair.
  • EG: Sales, Enquiries, Information Purposes...
  • EG: Click homepage call to action button and go to a quote form.
  • EG: Colours, Effects, Images...
  • EG: Photoshop file, Adobe Illustrator file etc
  • PLEASE NOTE: With Credit Card processing, you will be required to sign up with eWay, purchase an SSL certificate and provide full terms, privacy and refund policies for us so that we can integrate them into your website.
  • If so, what is the scope / purpose of this area?
  • EG: Please note, for SEO purposes, its always best to have your product or service name within the name of your domain. If you require a domain, please CLICK HERE
  • If you require hosting for your website, please CLICK HERE