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Social Media and Brand Loyalty: How Do You Build It?

June 14, 2017

Social Media is the platform designed, at the crux of it, to connect with people. It is more than just a place for friends, family members, long lost loves or travellers to connect with each other. It is a hub for communication as a whole, from businesses, manufacturers and to consumers. When harnessed correctly, it can be one of the most fast moving and effective forms of marketing, and ways to build a supportive following.

Social Media marketing has expanded across the board, and developed the way that businesses are able to communicate their brand to consumers, and further develop customer centric marketing strategies.

Brand loyalty is nothing new, with consumers returning to brands they know they can rely upon for quality service or products again and again. Social Media has strengthened brand advocacy, especially with the ability to follow, like and share marketing content that is shared across platforms and expand it into their personal networks. Considering this, it is worth building your social media strategy to reflect your brand, and create a stronger connection with your customer base.


The Benefits of Social Platforms

One of the larger known benefits of social media is the ability to connect with people quickly and effectively. In a matter of seconds, you could launch a new campaign that can be accessed by millions worldwide instantly. Through social media, brands are now able to reinvent and redevelop marketing strategies as consumer interests change, and ensure that they stay relevant and engaging as a brand. More than that, it allows for higher consumer communication, and provides a platform for reviews, testimonials, and social media run competitions.

Social media is the place to connect in an easy and relaxed form with consumers and potentials across the board, and have frequent interactions in a quick and straightforward way. There are ways to heighten the consumer experience over social media, and instill a strong level of brand loyalty within your brand community.


Create a Social Strategy

Almost everything within business comes with a necessity to strategize. Social media is no different, and it needs to be approached with critical thinking and results in mind. It is not simply about posting content every few days, but connecting and communicating your brand effectively to your customers. By not strategizing, you are missing an avenue to critically evaluate the ways that you can connect your social platform. There may also be a missed opportunity to connect your social platform with advertising and marketing strategies and drive sales to customers who are brand interested.


Recognise Your Customers

Brand loyalty is best created by listening to the vested interests that customers have, along with the expectations they have of your brand. If your customers are responding to and acknowledging your brand and products, it is important to connect with them. It takes two seconds to like their comment, like their picture, or respond to their testimonials. Take the time to thank the people that are sticking loyally to your brand, and convey that across their personal (or public) media platforms.


Find Your Social Representation

When building a social media following that is brand loyal, you need to ensure that you are providing a true reflection of the brand that your customers have come to know. Ensure that you evaluate and strategize the ways that your company will communicate across social platforms, and create a cohesive connection between brand and social representation. Find your voice, and consistently reinforce that across the platforms you use whilst keeping in tone with your physical business.


Give Your Customers Opportunities

You need to give your customers an incentive to stay loyal to your brand above others. Ensure that you are reinforcing the relationship that you have built with loyal customers through your social media platforms. By giving them sneak peeks on new products, or specialised codes for those platforms to receive small discounts, you can provide them with opportunities for being socially loyal to your business. Through the use of exclusive deals, photos or content, you are giving them a reason to continue following you across social media platforms.


Social Media Reviews

The point of social media is to allow people to be social. This means that you are meant to remain focused on the social aspect of social media, and drive the conversation with your customers. By asking questions, creating polls, allowing them to comment and review you, you are allowing them the space to communicate with your business.

This applies to both positive and negative forms of communication. Just because you don’t allow it on your platform, doesn’t mean that negative reviews or reflection isn’t happening. By allowing them to vent those issues to your company, and responding in a calm, respectful and dignified manner, you can solve the negativity and allow respect to form. Negativity gives your brand the opportunity to grow and learn and allows you to correct issues before other customers are affected.


By harnessing the power of social media as a communicative platform, you can create and build strengthened brand loyalty. Allow a platform for your customers to engage with you, and ensure that you provide them with a cohesive message that correlates with the physical brand they know and love. Through having an online presence, your brand can not only show an alignment with online customers but create a community and culture based on a mutual appreciation for your brand, products, and services.

Create the space for your customers to connect with you, and expand your business horizons at the same time. Put in place a social media strategy, and grow your customer base in a fast-paced and controlled environment. By engaging with social media, you can create a social face for your brand and grow a happy and loyal customer base.