Trish O'Loughlin

21 August 2016

Stepping Stones to Successful Enterprise Mobile App Development

The boom of technology has vastly influenced the way businesses operate these days. The emergence of enterprise app development in particular has simply been colossal, with growth projected to continue accelerating at more than 20% year on year.

When done right, enterprise mobile apps work to simplify and streamline your business’s internal functions. However, successful enterprise mobile app development takes time, skill and forward-thinking.

Be aware of what your users expect.

Before getting too enthusiastic and diving straight in, it is critical to sit down and establish your users’ expectations and desires. From aesthetics to design menu and loading time, you need to be fully aware of the benchmarks your app needs to meet in order for it to encourage regular engagement with your target audience.

Make sure your app has a real, tangible purpose.

Planning enterprise apps is not simply about following the latest trends; it’s acknowledging what can be implemented to make business a little easier. Essentially, the app should be designed to cater to the specific nuances of your company and your employees’ needs.

Proceed with a practical approach.

It can be easy to get carried away when you decide to modernise your business’s operations with the development of mobile apps; however, it’s important to stick to parameters. First, plan and forecast your costs in a realistic manner in order to avoid invoking unnecessary expenses. Your app should also be dependent on the size of your organisation and the hierarchy of your staff. Furthermore, it is important to devise a damage control plan to ensure any problems that crop up can be immediately and adequately tackled.

Test the app’s usability on real people.

Before rolling out your app, take the time to test it out on internal target groups. That way, you are able to assess whether you have met the desired expectations of your users and to iron out any diagnosed kinks before finalising the product for the official launch.

Ensure your app is cross-compatible.

During the testing stage, you should also make sure that the app can function on all devices. For a truly successful app, it needs to comply with all canvases – this means external testing across devices ranging from varied brands and operating systems in order to ensure the app is universally functional.

By keeping these five key elements in mind, you can ensure your enterprise mobile app is a clear-cut solution that delivers many ongoing benefits.

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