Stop Visitors from Slipping Through Your Fingers with These Conversion Tips

September 19, 2016

While attracting visitors to your website is one thing, turning them into leads is another. Sure, you might have a professionally-designed website that is ranking high in Google, but prompting your visitors to take action on your site is a crucial component of your digital marketing campaign and a necessary part of business.

However, fear not; there are a couple of handy tips you can implement to make sure your website visitors venture beyond the browsing stage.

Long, compelling copy is key

A brick-and-mortar store can tell a clear story straight away; a website, on the other hand, needs to provide a bit more context. It’s imperative that you invest a bit of time into crafting your copy – essentially, you want to keep your audience curious and willing to continue reading. If you can, try to break up your informative text with anecdotes or client testimonials.

Pay attention to your ‘About’ page

The ‘About’ page is one of the top three most visited pages on every website. Why? Well, it’s the page that carries the most weight in determining your overall trust and credibility as a business. However, it is also a page that can be frequently overlooked. Go back and reassess yours by asking the following questions:

  • Does your company ethos shine through?
  • Do you come across as passionate about your business?
  • Do you harness a real human touch that your audience can relate to?

Insert multiple calls-to-action 

Call-to-actions are pretty much a no-brainer, but it’s how you use them that can really impact your conversion rate. If, for instance, you are using longer copy, then it might be a good idea to insert a CTA at the start, in the middle to break up the copy, and then at the end. This will gently remind your audience to take a certain action as they are reading the page. Furthermore, get creative – don’t simply add a link to your contact page into your text, but create actual CTA buttons that are visually captivating for your audience to click on.

Make the most of buying triggers

By offering certain bonuses to your visitors, they are far more likely to be swayed to make that conversion – whether it’s signing up for an offer, filling out a detail form, or making a purchase right then and there. Some common bestselling points that are most likely to trigger a user to take action are:

  • Discounts
  • 24/7 service
  • Warranties
  • Free shipping
  • Price matching
  • Service area

Of course, it depends on what your business stands for and what products or services you offer that will determine which of these buying triggers best applies to you.

By putting these actions into gear, you can watch your conversion rate steadily climb, therefore producing you a healthy and fruitful business that encapsulates a truly successful digital presence.