Tech Fans are Rejoicing the Apple Watch Nike+ – Here’s Why

November 16, 2016

This week, we’ve seen the reviews pour in for the recently-released Apple Watch Nike+. It appears users are lovin’ the newest version of the sports-savvy smartwatch, based off the lightweight, waterproof, GPS-tracking Apple Series 2 model released two months ago. While Nike has maintained all those clever little features, its product boasts even more sport cred, quickly elevating it to its status as potentially the most effective fitness tracking tool produced thus far.

How do the two compare?

For the price of the entry-level Apple Watch ($529 for the 38mm and $579 for the 42mm), the Apple Watch Nike+ offers water-resistance up to 50 metres deep and GPS distance tracking readings for walking and running.

However, Nike’s spin on the Apple smartwatch also offers a schmick lightweight band available in your choice of four different Nike+ perforated fluroroelastomer watchbands, and two exclusive watch faces in either black or silver. As an athletics-focused brand, these seemingly subtle points of difference have proven to be key pillars in Nike’s accumulation of success for its latest tech product.

But the main feature differentiating the two products is Nike’s customised in-app software, designed to not only track your fitness goals, but to also motivate you. Known as the Nike+ Run Club, this social fitness app enables users to track and log both indoor and outdoor exercise sessions via the internal GPS and heart rate monitor. It also lets users view their friends’ activity and motivate one another with a range of shareable digital ephemera, and even prompts users to go for a run if they’ve slacked off for a few days.

While the app is still accessible on both the regular Apple Watch and the Series 2 model, the idea of integrating this distinctive feature into its own Nike smartwatch spin-off is a great way to boost brand recognition.

The Nike+ Run Club app: a clever little marketing tactic…

Living both on the smartwatch and your phone, the Nike+ Run Club app (NRC) is a slick tool bound to draw in consumers. Ultimately, it’s that little something that sets the Apple Watch Nike+ slightly apart from the regular Apple Watch Series 2 – and any good marketer knows that the ability to showcase a standout, brand-specific feature is ideal for reaping in the fans.

While similar to many running apps, the NRC encompasses a significant point of difference by enabling users to interact with another. In a world where socialising has become a heavily digitalised process, this aspect of the app is a big plus for the Nike brand. Combine this with the NikeFuel points system the company released a few years ago, and you have yourself a very brand-specific sporting experience.

All in all, we say bravo, Nike.