There’s an App for That! 7 Apps That are So Ridiculous, We Love Them

March 30, 2017

Apple may have trademarked the ubiquitous catch-phrase back in 2010, but it still rings true seven years later as the mobile app design scene continues to dominate.

You wouldn’t be too far from the truth by saying there’s an app for everything these days. While some iOS and Android apps have become technological staples that help carry us through our day-to-day lives (we’re looking at you, Google Maps), others are downright bizarre, yet have managed to somehow successfully come into fruition.

Proving that no app idea is obsolete, we’ve curated a list of our 7 favourite weird-yet-curiously-charming apps.

1. Run Pee. We’ve all been there – you’re watching a movie when suddenly, that large Coke you downed starts to make its presence known. You’re torn between two decisions: relieve your heaving bladder and risk missing a critical part of the plotline, or hold on and spend the next 40 minutes writhing in cross-legged agony? RunPee, created by polyGreek, pinpoints ‘safe times’ during a film’s synopsis to duck out for a toilet break. With a constantly-updated database of movies (including movies on the day they are released in theatres), RunPee helps ensure those cursed with peanut-sized bladders don’t miss out on any of the best scenes.

2. Bumble. Dating apps like Tinder, Happn and Bumble have soared to roaring success, with hordes of smartphone-wielding patrons swiftly swiping their way to romantic victory. Spoonr (formerly branded as Cuddlr) has taken inspiration from these social-meeting predecessors, but given it a bit of a twist: Spoonr is designed to purely connect nearby strangers for a good old-fashioned cuddle session. Described by founder Charlie Williams as “a way to experience a connection with someone without any pressure to dress up, find an activity, exchange numbers or even see each other again”, Cuddlr focuses on our innate need to engage in a casual and platonic bout of cuddling every now and then. While it certainly caused a stir when it launched in late 2014, the app unfortunately no longer exists, leaving a trail of disappointed hug-less humans behind.

3. Demotivational Pics. You know those posters you see featuring a gloriously steep mountaintop or an open meadow of daffodils, with an uplifting phrase plastered across the image? Demotivational Pics is the opposite of that. This ridiculous app features more than 40,000 mundane pictures accompanied by silly text. Arguably preying on the ‘meme’ culture (which, let’s face it, is booming right now), Demotivational Pics is surprisingly popular for such a simple and useless concept, with one user stating: “Worth so many laughs. I love this app”.

4. Carrr Matey. How frustrating is it when you forget where you parked your car? You’re left stranded, arms weighed down with shopping bags, power-walking up and down lines of cars in search of your precious mobile. This is where you need Carrr Matey. Using real-time GPS location-based systems, this app directs you back to your car using either a compass or walking directions (the choice is yours). The best part? It talks to you in a pirate voice. Why? Who knows, but the novelty factor certainly has users hooked (pun intended).

5. LookFor. Though the creators of this app have billed it as “the world’s dumbest app”, it’s actually quite clever and admittedly, we reckon it could prove pretty handy. Basically, LookFor provides an easy two-step solution to losing your friends in a crowd. We’ve all been there and know how much of a pain it can be – even if you have your phone on you, you’ll likely be battling exuberant bursts of noise if you attempt to call your misplaced mate, or you’ll simply be struggling to accurately describe your location via text. Lookfor allows you to select a colour on your smartphone screen, which will start flashing – you then hold your device up nice and high so your coloured signal blinks loud and clear, attracting your pals to your location and swiftly bridging a reunion.

6. Yo. This bizarre app is as simple as its two-letter title: users select people from their contacts list and send them an instant message with the simple greeting: “Yo”. It’s silly and it’s useless, but for some reason, it’s managed to rake in quite a bit of money – $1 million in seed funding, in fact. Since its release on April Fools Day 2014 (coincidence? We think not), Yo has added link attachment and location features to its app, thereby expanding beyond the text and audio functions it originally focused on. The app now boasts more than 3 million downloads, with 100 million ‘yos’ sent whizzing through cyberspace since its inception. However, if its success hasn’t blown your mind just yet, maybe this will: at one point, Yo ranked number three in the iOS App Store.

7. iFrenchKiss. We’ve saved the best (and most ridiculous) for last with iFrenchKiss. If the name isn’t enough to intrigue your senses, the degree of interaction beckoned by this app will be. It’s designed for those who have always been curious about their kissing technique: simply put, it offers to assess and rate your smooching skills based on supposedly scientific data. Here’s the catch: you have to make out with your phone to get the results. We suggest you pay heed to the app’s advice: “Use common sense and do not slobber all over the device”.

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