Top-Performing Terms That Convert an Online Audience

September 6, 2016

When it comes to the digital sphere, the smorgasbord of choice is endless. Users are presented with droves of websites, blogs, articles and social media posts every day, meaning that in order to attract your audience’s attention and gain those precious click-throughs, you need to get a bit savvy.

To craft copy that is persuasive enough to convert users is no doubt, a challenging task. However, by harnessing certain strategies, modern digital marketers can carve out a defined pathway for themselves in the fiercely competitive online space.

Based on psychological evidence, here are the top methods and associating keywords and phrases that have proven to most sway audiences.

The king and queen of copy

If you forget everything else, at least keep in mind the two most powerful words in marketing: “you” and “because”.

Why “you”?

Crowned king of persuasion, this simple pronoun portrays a brand as customer-centric. It gives a nice little personal touch in a world that is becoming increasingly de-sensitised. Injecting the word “you” reminds your audience of your business’s humanity, avoiding those blanketing propaganda messages that suggest a sense of generalisation and detachment. Consider one of the most famous advertising campaigns of history: Uncle Sam’s I Want YOU! poster urging young men to register for the US Army. Despite its dark connotations, the campaign was significantly successful in accomplishing its core goal.

And “because”?

Audiences like reasoning. There’s no point in simply providing an offer; you need to explain to your audience what they can get out of it. Why should they invest themselves in your business? What kind of value can you provide them? Take L’Oreal’s signature slogan: “Because you’re worth it”. Essentially, it has garnered such popularity because it identifies its products with the audience’s self-worth.

While these words are considered the two most important in creating compelling copy, there are many others that content marketers should capitalise on to make the most of their campaign…

Infer a sense of exclusivity

  • Request an invitation
  • Be the first to hear about it
  • Members only
  • VIP
  • Become an insider
  • Only available to subscribers
  • Login required
  • Limited spots
  • Exclusive offer

Imply scarcity

  • Limited time
  • First time offered
  • Good only until [date]
  • Not sold in stores
  • Don’t miss out
  • Today only
  • Sale ends soon
  • Only [x number] left
  • Get them while they last

Give your audience confidence in your services

  • Guaranteed
  • Authentic
  • Local
  • Ironclad
  • Backed
  • Best-selling
  • Results
  • Money back
  • No obligation
  • Certified
  • Cancel any time
  • Secure
  • Tried-and-tested
  • Try before you buy

Colour your language with universal power terms

  • Hot offer
  • Premier
  • Leading
  • Save
  • Discover
  • Trust
  • Best
  • Profit
  • Learn