Alexandra Karaoutsadis

14 November 2017

Top 6 Trends You Will See in 2018 Web Design

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of 2017, but before you know it, there will be a countdown and fireworks in the air igniting the first day of the new year. The last thing you want is for your business to be caught in the past, following trends that your competitors – and customers – are already ahead of.

Technology is fast-paced, and the trends that determine success move just as fast. Getting one step ahead of trends early can bring smoother sailing into the new year. As your website is usually the first thing people will see of your business in this modern day, it’s a good idea to start updating your 2017 website now.

1. Ultra-Clean Layouts

Over the past year, we’ve seen a lot of clean layouts that are easily translatable from desktop to mobile, but this trend is going to get even bigger in the new year. Simple websites usually come with a faster load time, which will help to support the new interactive and higher demanding interfaces that will be introduced in 2018 (more on that later). Flashy and design-heavy websites won’t be needed when you have other ways to engage your users…

2. Animation

With the recent release of Apple’s iPhone X, which features the ability to create Animoji (i.e. animated emojis), there will likely be a rise in the way that animation is seamlessly included into a user’s everyday life. With this, we will see a rise of the new-and-improved method of using subtle animations to get a message across. Whether it be an animated logo design or a scroll-triggered eye-catching animation to grab user attention, we can expect to see these moving visuals all over websites in 2018.

3. Creative Typography

With cleaner design elements being deployed in 2018, it is safe to bet that we will see more creative uses with typography throughout website design. Smart and intuitive designs will show an increase in how designers use typography to communicate with customers and clients, and bolder headings are likely to take centre-stage throughout web pages.

4. Virtual Reality

2017 has seen the rise of VR, and it will soon be a feature in the everyday life of your customers everywhere. Including VR in your own web design may be crucial in 2018 for your customers to feel like you are ahead of the trend. Video is already incorporated in many websites, but this will only get more immersive and personal in 2018. VR will allow your users to interact virtually with your business in a seamless way, with features like 360-degree video and mapping. Giving your users more ways to interact with your brand is vital in 2018, so ensure that you include it in your web design.

5. Machine Learning

It’s no secret that artificial intelligence is growing to exponential levels. Whether you are speaking to a bot and being directed to the best avenue of information-gathering, or being shown personalised products or services that match your interests time and time again, bots play a vital role in the way we now interact with technology. So, it’s only natural that we will see a rise in the way we use machine learning in web design. Interactions are set to become seamless, allowing customers to quickly and efficiently move through your website and make a purchase with ease. Upgrade your website to match the fast-paced movements of your customer, and evaluate your UX design in 2018.

 6. Security Upgrade

One of the highest-impacting negatives of technology advancements is the suffering capabilities of the security methods we use, which are currently crumbling under the growing expectations. This means that at times, doors are left cracked open and hackers are finding their ways through. It is now more vital than ever to be on top of your web security, especially when handling your customers’ personal information, such as their names, addresses, credit card information or medical history.

Having an up-to-date, secure website not only means that information remains secure, but that you can leverage an element of trust with your customers. Ensure that your website security is consistent with any changes you make to your design in 2018.

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