Trish O'Loughlin

20 November 2016

Trust or Convenience? Reports Reveal What’s More Important to Online Consumers

It’s the (digital) age-old question: are customers looking for trust or convenience when traversing the online sphere? Obviously, both are critical factors in anchoring your marketing campaign and establishing your brand, but the Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2016 has found that a huge portion of online and mobile app consumers prioritise trust over convenience.

Research shows that trust trumps convenience by a staggering 94%

The study, conducted over 116 consumer brands, may come as a bit of a surprise considering the digital marketplace has long been recognised as an arena for short and snappy content, tight character limits, handy links and savvy call-to-action buttons. While these elements certainly make online life much more convenient for users, it turns out they don’t count for all that much if brands aren’t portraying – and better yet, proving – themselves as trustworthy.

Experts are considering the results a wake-up call for marketers

According to Marta Ganko, co-author of the Deloitte Australian Privacy Index 2016, the results collected from the study should be duly noted by digital marketers and appropriately incorporated into their campaigns. Privacy and trust are inextricably linked when it comes to consumer culture, and thanks to the growing demand for customers to divulge personal information online, these two factors are understandably a major concern for users.

There is an increased need to ensure privacy and trust with online data

Customer data is – and always will be – a critical factor of business, but these days, that data is increasingly being shared with external partners when it comes to the web. As a result, online consumers harbour justified apprehensions about who they entrust their personal data to. Risk and security are now more important than ever before, and as such, these measures need to be operationally managed by businesses who make the transition to the online sphere – for instance, it is highly recommended that you only ask customers for the absolute minimum information required, while it’s a good idea to construct opt-out direct marketing campaigns tailored to your consumers’ interests.

So, how do I give my brand a sense of trustworthiness online?

When a glowing screen is separating you from your potential customers, it can admittedly be challenging to build the same kind of trust you can generate from face-to-face contact. However, we’ve put together a simple guide listing handy ways to elicit that trustworthiness you need to grow your clientele base. By employing these tactics, you’ll secure that sense of dependability consumers are looking for online.

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