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Want to Create Shareable Content? Here’s How.

June 22, 2017

The digital landscape has widely changed the way we trade entertaining, newsworthy or educational information and content.

It may seem insane, but over 2 million blog posts are created and uploaded daily, alongside substantial amounts of photo and video content. From anywhere in the world, people of any profession can create and submit content into the digital sphere, instantly accessible to anyone with a smart device and connection.

There are many people who create content as a hobby, documenting details or prose of their lives in different forms for no one in particular. For those that are professional content creators as a career however, there needs to be a relevancy to the content that is published. It needs to grab the attention of your ideal audience, amongst the other trillions of blogs accessible online. So, how do you create content that stands out amongst the crowd? Content that people want to share, content that will reach viral status, generate traffic and boost your overlying message?

  1. Trending Topics

A straightforward way to ensure that your content is relevant, regardless of the industry, is by researching and contributing to trending topics. There is always something to be spoken about due to the wider publication of news, events and interest pieces. In fact, nearly every news site has a trending topics section of the most clicked and shared news stories. By offering up an opinion or a different spin on the trending topic, or by tapping into a trend that already grabs attention, you are taking an easy way to creating clickable content.

There are various ways to discover trending topics, some of the easiest of which involve looking at platforms such as Google Trends, or qualified (and good) news websites. On various platforms, you are able to get notified of trending topics worldwide or even location specific topics. More than that, you can discover industry specific trends, and content that is being shared most rapidly.

More than that, there are a variety of social media platforms that allow you to engage with trending topics. Through a simple search, you are shown the most spoken about and shared content spreading through the internet.

This is a natural and fast way to explore trending topics and create shareable, relevant content.

  1. Engage with Your Audience

Gaining a semi-regular following of people engaging with your content through liking, sharing and commenting unlocks another way for you to gain content ideas. Simply listen to your audience. Through their questions, or general followership, or conversations that evolve from your posts, you will find ways to develop their comments into content. It opens up different perspectives and avenues of content that you may not have considered.

  1. Lists

For a lot of people, they have only limited time to engage with content. Whether it is a small window of time whilst on a coffee break, or just before a meeting or class they forgot to prepare for, they need information easily readable and accessible. This is where lists come in to play.

Showing your content in the form of lists usually generate more shares and views, generally because of their simplicity in structure. Viewers can easily skim through the content and read points of interest without contributing too much time to the cause.

  1. Break It Up with Images

With people scrolling through newsfeeds daily, you need something that will quickly gain their attention. High quality content with strong imagery is more eye-catching and clickable than that without. Going back to our earlier point of listed content, when these contain images they perform at a higher level than most other media forms. Plain-text content to fall to the wayside compared to image supported content.

  1. Interviews Influencers or People of Interest

A great way to offer shareable content is by engaging with influencers in the industry, or people of interest in trending topics. By including interviews and comments from experts or a prominent people within certain industries can tend to gain wider attention. Not only can you offer a new perspective on a topic, but there is a likelihood that the influencer themselves may share the content you create. People tend to trust the content more when it is backed by a professional within the industry, or has a comment included from the person of interest.

By including interview or conversation, you are able to show credibility and professionalism to your audience in an indirect way, and instil trust in your publications.

  1. Click-Baited Headlines

People may hate them, but we would be lying if we said that this wasn’t a way to power your content. Click baited headlines are ones that garner attention, and compel the reader to make an immediate response. The headline you choose can be the make or break between clickable and dull content. A headline that isn’t well thought out, or doesn’t grab the reader’s attention tends to not perform as well compared to those that elicit an emotional or immediate response. You need to create a lasting first impression, and catch the reader instantly with a great headline.

  1. Refine Your Content

This does not mean making less content, but simply making valuable content. You need to refine your writing skills, and make punchy content that both engages and enlightens the reader. Don’t just fluff your way to a word limit, and instead offer another valuable point to support your content.

You need to keep consistency in the quality of your content, and meet the expectations you have set for your readers. It is a skill that is constantly evolving. By posting high quality content on a regular basis, you are more likely to gain a strong and loyal following.

  1. Include Sharing Buttons

The last point is the most obvious, but can often also be overlooked. On all content you post, there should be an option clearly available for viewers to share on different media platforms. Without it, how can people know that it is even worth sharing?