Alexandra Karaoutsadis

31 October 2017

What is Website Accessibility and Why is it Important?

Having an accessible website is vital to ensure, at the very base of things, that any user can find the information necessary to connect with your business. It should be a platform where people of all levels can interact and self-inform.

In this day and age, it is damaging for a business to not have an accessible website. Here is everything you need to know about accessibility and why your site needs it.

What Does ‘Website Accessibility’ Mean?

At the crux of it, website accessibility is the process of making your site accessible to users of any ability. This primarily involves removing any barriers that may be preventing easy interaction for users.

This isn’t an exclusive term about mobile users who are trying to access desktop-designed websites, but instead, is a term put in place to ensure that people with disabilities have the same opportunity to access information easily. Although different methods may be used by people with disabilities to view and interact with your site, website accessibility means that your site can aptly accommodate their needs.

If you don’t know whether your site is accessible, chances are it isn’t. Accessibility isn’t about how your site is found; after all, it is simple enough to search for and find any business that springs to mind (as long as it’s online).

Rather, website accessibility is about making all types of information available through different means, like video, alt text, etc. Having various forms of information-gathering points means that those with disabilities have an easy user experience, just like those without. For people with auditory, neurological, cognitive or visual disabilities, interacting with a website that isn’t built for inclusive interaction could be the deciding factor between whether they invest or don’t invest in your products or services.

So, having an accessible website is vital to ensuring that all users can access relevant information and pages with ease from any device and browser combination.

Why Should my Site be Accessible?

There are various reasons why a business should have an accessible website for all. We have broken down some of our top reasons to have inclusive website designs implemented on your site.

Win loyalty and trust through accessibility:

Let’s bring your competitor’s website into play. If your competitor has an accessible website and you do not, your competitor already has the upper hand. You are missing a huge market by discounting the importance of website accessibility. On the other hand, if your website is inclusive and your competitor’s is not, then your site will be open to another group of people when theirs is shut off. Ensure that you win the loyalty and trust of your market by making your site accessible.

Widen your market:

Going on from our last point, having an accessible and inclusive web design means that you are opening yourself up to a wider market. Without an accessible site, you could potentially be losing leads for no good reason.

Making an accessible website isn’t difficult:

It really isn’t that hard to get an accessible website. Talk to a designer or developer today to see how you can take your site to the next level, and make it accessible to all.

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