Australia Post was built on foundations of paper-handling. For traditional industries, embracing the modern age provides an opportunity to streamline their services and elevate customer satisfaction. For Australia Post in particular, efficient communication is central to effectively servicing the public across their numerous branches.

With the aim to simplify their convoluted processes through the digital realm, they came to Appscore for guidance. We worked closely with the Australia Post team under tight deadlines to deliver an app that focused on abridging three key areas: Customer enquiries, sales leads, plus reporting safety issues and damages.



iOS & Android App iOS & Android App
Increased Customer Advocacy Increased Customer Advocacy
Tap-and-go Forms Tap-and-go Forms
Simple, Intuitive UI Simple, Intuitive UI


The SnapIt app functions as both a customer advocacy and internal reporting app:

  • Customers key in their details to make an enquiry or complaint
  • Staff can alert one another on potential sales leads or report hazards (e.g. damage to property or safety issues)
  • Information is immediately sent to relevant team members

The simple user interface includes:

  • Easy drop-down menus to accelerate processes
  • Tap-and-go submit forms
  • Ability to upload photos (e.g. damage to post boxes)
  • GPS maps

“Fantastic team, very knowledgeable, quick turnaround times, easy to communicate with, and happy to go the extra mile to get the project over the line on time. Would work with again, highly recommend.” – Sharon Fox, Australia Post

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The Challenge

Working within a strict timeframe to streamline internal operations

As a nation-wide company, Australia Post required their business app to be produced within eight weeks to effectively overhaul their internal processes. If they were to do it by themselves, it would have been impossible to meet that deadline.

The app they had previously created within the company had a much smaller scope, but still took a year of their time to develop it. Australia Post sought out a solution to replace their desktop portal as a means for head-office staff to engage customers, provide feedback and deliver a superior customer experience.

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Introducing a paperless system in just eight weeks

SnapIt was created with sharp focus on developing a lightweight app, featuring great UX to drive adoption. The app functions as both a customer advocacy and internal reporting system: Customers can input details of enquiries or complaints, and staff can send sales lead reports. The app also includes hazard reporting for improved safety procedures.

Built on an agile framework, SnapIt was successfully launched in a record-breaking timeframe of eight weeks. This project now serves an example of exemplifying best-in-class delivery for Australia Post.

The development of SnapIt propelled Australia Post into the modern era. Streamlining operations allowed the public service company to more effectively manage operations. This enhanced customer satisfaction, raised staff productivity and built an improved service culture all at once.

The Process

The Process

Consultants from Appscore analysed Australia Post’s workflow, identifying bottlenecks and key challenges in the process.

With the help of our workshops, Australia Post outlined their requirements in two weeks. Then, we commenced six weeks of hard work to deliver the app on tight deadlines to a wildly successful launch.

We brainstormed how to digitalise their everyday procedures. This way, staff could carry out administrative tasks, address customer issues, and instantly connect with each other via their smartphones. These solutions made a vast improvement on pouring precious time and energy into outdated processes!

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