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Client: BP
Pillars: Consulting

Wanting to improve wait times at their service stations, BP needed a way to boost the usability of their flagship POS systems. Appscore deployed a single-interface system that perfectly consolidated 4 separate BP systems.

The Results.


increase in service speed


separate systems consolidated into a single interface


deployment across the BP-owned network

The Business Problem

Running apps created exclusively for their company, BP had trouble consolidating employee workflows with the existing Windows hardware in use. With many Windows features and functions disabled, app-switching between the four major full-screen applications proved clunky. BP, placing a high priority on customer service satisfaction, needed a solution that would simplify the workflow of attendants.

Appscore were approached as consultants to assess the problems facing BP and workshop a reliable solution within the technical parameters of the service stations. Heavily focused on a clutter-free user experience, BP and Appscore worked closely to deliver an intuitive solution.

How We Solved It.

Appscore deployed a team onsite to workshop with station attendants. Hearing of multitasking speed issues, we used the information to allocate our attention to an intuitive app-switching solution. Being situated onsite gave us key knowledge about the working environment.

As all BP apps run in full-screen, we began building a launcher from the ground up to accommodate seamless app-switching. The Windows platform did not utilise generic interface functions, so we created a solution that worked around these technical restrictions.

Constantly amending the functionality as we gained feedback from employees, we created an efficient solution that solved the challenges facing users. Once the solution was complete, Appscore also provided user-training to transition employees to the new system.

The Solution.

1Four systems in a single interface.

Our web-based solution integrated four separate systems into a single interface, reducing time spent switching between services. Ability to access shop retailing, petrol dispensing, monitoring and rewards through the same interface provided an uncluttered solution.

2Keeping a consistent aesthetic.

Our design team made sure the aesthetic of the solution would blend into the already established look of BP. Keeping the POS experience congruent for the user meant that training was minimal.

3Mass deployment.

To ensure maximum efficiency, Appscore demonstrated the function of the solution to BP in short training exercises which was then relayed to service station attendants. Our solution was deployed to all BP-owned sites and saw a 35% increase in service speed.

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