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Client: Crossmark
Pillars: User Acquisition

Seeking an intuitive, real-time communication system with their employees, Crossmark approached Appscore for a solution to better delegate tasks. Adopting a fully functional mobile and web app, we were able to seamlessly roll out the solution to 100% of employees with markedly increased efficiency.

The Results.




increase in efficiency


hours saved every day

The Business Problem

Handling upwards of 1,500 moving staff each day, Crossmark were seeking a better way to organise and communicate with their employees. Identifying the clunky nature of their existing web-based solution, Crossmark wanted an intuitive and fully responsive mobile solution to help delegate tasks to staff members.

Crossmark approached Appscore to create an app that was both functional and easy to disperse to their network of employees with minimal training.

How We Solved It.

Beginning with a discovery phase, we identified Crossmark’s focus to minimise the time between update and uptake of business tasks. We made sure to research the existing application so we could improve upon it without entirely remodelling the solution.

Identifying the need to drive advocacy for a new solution, we workshopped ways to display the new benefits to select employees who were used to the existing system. Working with a pilot group, we demonstrated the positives of the updated app, and helped raise them to a level of education so they could advocate for the new solution.

Once key influencers within the target group were happy with the app’s progress, we created email campaigns that further provided knowledge to the wider employee base.

Focusing on those who would use the solution most, we catered the communication to the field service agents. By planning correspondence, even post-launch, we saw a greater uptake of the solution across the field.

The Solution.

1Building a communications strategy.

A communications strategy was created to target all employees, helping them understand the benefits of the solution. By communicating through traditional means like email, as well as employing pilot groups, we ensured a greater uptake of users in a time-conscious manner.

2Delivering for the focus group.

Focusing our attention on employees whose workflow would be most greatly affected, we delivered a tailored solution that built greatly on efficiency for the most important tasks. Mobile responsiveness was key to those working on the road, and as a result we saw a marked upturn in efficiency. By maintaining the flow of the existing system, we were able to deliver a solution that required minimal training and education.

3Building employees into advocates.

Creating an app for employees meant user advocacy would be a key indicator of success. By testing with a pilot group and receiving their feedback to integrate into the app, we not only gave the employees power over decisions, but made them ardent supporters of the solution. The solution saw a 100% uptake within 3 months of deployment.

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