A Custom Solution
for Sports Clubs.


Client: CUB
Pillars: Design

Looking to explore an untapped market, CUB were keen to build an incentivised solution to local sports teams looking for beverage deals. We worked with CUB to alleviate the hassle that clubs faced in collecting alcohol from traditional outlets, providing a one-stop site for product selection and delivery, with proceeds given back to the clubs that used the solution.

The Results.


of budget freed up due to user testing


development funds saved


approval rate among users

The Business Problem

Always searching for new ways to build customer relations and satisfaction, CUB identified a market of eager local sports clubs that needed seasonal beverage solutions. Traditionally, clubs manually picked up alcohol from established vendors and had to rely on sale prices, transport availability and manpower to make sure their needs were met.

CUB approached Appscore to simplify the process for sports clubs, by creating a web app that incentivised clubs to use the solution by providing funds to those who used it consistently.

How We Solved It.

We opened a discovery phase, identifying key personas that would benefit most from the suggested solution. By creating personas and testing them against iterations of our solution, we were able to map out our UI and determine what incentives had the biggest impact on sports clubs.

Once our wireframe of the website was complete, we approached CUB to workshop the design and function. Pleased with the flow of the site, we were then ready to user-test a prototype with 5 sports clubs to gain feedback. The solution was responsive over both mobile and desktop websites, providing simplicity to end users.

Based on feedback from CUB, creating an intuitive ordering system which allowed for quick response times to queries was a high priority. As a result, we ensured this was worked into our solution.

Once the solution took shape, we consulted with CUB on how best to reward customers for their purchases.

The Solution.

1Responsive via mobile & desktop.

Designing a fully responsive solution across mobile and desktop, we provided accessibility to managers of sports clubs who were often time-poor. Offering delivery alongside bulk purchases further reduced time-spend of volunteer organisers.

2Incentivising users and giving back to sports clubs.

Providing a simple-to-use beverage system, we worked with CUB to give back to the local sports clubs. Through workshopping ideas, we integrated a system wherein with each purchase, a sports club would acquire credit towards their account. At the end of the season/year cycle, CUB would cut a cheque for the amount of credits raised by the sports team and present it to them, providing a financial stimulus to the local club.

3Cutting development time and saving funds.

By prototyping, iterating and user-testing at all key stages of development, we created a solution that covered all bases and removed the need for further development once the solution was launched. This cut down future development time and delivered the incentivised platform faster.

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