Keeping Australia’s roads as safe as possible one vehicle at a time, Engistics skilfully combine engineering with logistics to provide top-of-the-line safety and efficiency solutions. Engistics, an industry leader in Australia and New Zealand, came to Appscore in need of a solution: to better inform the public on how to ensure safety when loading vehicles.

We crafted an intuitive, easy to use app for Engistics’ users to download. Now, users can easily determine whether their vehicle load meets restraint regulations before hitting the road!



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Accurate Risk Assessment Accurate Risk Assessment
Calculated Recommendations Calculated Recommendations


The newly created and innovative Engistics’ app called ‘Checkaload’ is available for download by both iOS and Android users.

With the new ‘Checkaload’ app, users can now:

  • Precisely identify and assess potential load risks.
  • Record and store all assessments (including successful, failed and abandoned assessments).
  • Use the app in remote locations.
  • Use the app across versatile load types (including common heavy vehicle types).
  • Acknowledge best restraint methods and equipment.
  • Attach photos of compliant loads to assessments.
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The Challenge

In Australia, load restraint failures contribute to five fatal accidents every year. Drivers paying insufficient attention to checking and securing their load, is recognised as a major concern by Engistics. Engistics strive to change these figures, create awareness and improve overall road safety by encouraging people to think twice about load restraint compliance. The client needed an effective medium to coherently inform the public on how to ensure safety when loading commercial transport vehicles.

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We built an app that revolutionises road transport safety. No matter where or how heavy the load, by simply downloading the Checkaload app for iOS or Android, users can easily ensure their vehicle is safe and secure for travelling. What was once a complex process, is now made easier than ever – allowing drivers to make accurate checks on the go!

The Process

The Process

Our team worked closely with Engistics to craft a convenient yet tech-savvy mobile app for users to first download, and then easily determine whether their load meets restraint regulations before they set off!

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