Hudson’s Coffee is a renowned Australian coffee retailer, with cafes and stands operating all across the country. With 20 years of experience satisfying caffeine cravings, they’ve become the go-to baristas for countless Aussies.

Coffee-culture in Australia is thriving, which means tough competition for retailers. To stand out from the crowd and engage with their customer-base, Hudson’s Coffee approached Appscore to help them increase brand-awareness through social media.

Hudson’s Coffee
Hudson’s Coffee


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The brand-awareness campaign for Hudson’s Coffee was an outstanding success. It reached an overwhelming 1M users, with 2M impressions further boosting their exposure.
Engagement levels with their target market skyrocketed. Over 13,750 people participated in their competitions, with their ads boasting an ample click-through rate of 2.72%.

Hudson’s Coffee was delighted with the eye-for-detail and professionalism Appscore brought to the table. With well-organised ad structure, their campaign effectively utilised customer segmentation. This allowed them to target their prime demographic with ease and accuracy. The company was so pleased with the results, they soon made another proposal: As of August 29th, they opened discussions for an additional campaign, inviting Appscore once again to run the project.

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The Challenge

Nurturing customer engagement

Hudson’s Coffee wanted to re-engage with their customer-base. The key challenge laid in giving their customers a real incentive to raise brand-awareness via Facebook and Instagram. The secondary challenge was discovering how to optimise campaign strategy for maximum effectiveness across the divergent social media platforms. How would their target market respond differently on one site compared to the other? Appscore took on the task of answering these questions.

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Leveraging social media

We created 2 awareness campaigns to rise to the challenge. These took the form of competitions to tempt engagement – one was posted on Facebook, and the other on Instagram. Customers who entered the competition went in the running to win their own KeepCup, a reusable coffee cup emblazoned with Hudson’s Coffee branding.

The Process

The Process

For Hudson’s Coffee, the rationale was that giving out branded KeepCups would increase brand value in the eyes of new and returning customers alike. Word-of-mouth would spread as recipients showed off their new KeepCups, increasing exposure and solidifying a good reputation in the process.

How did these competitions work? The first ad asked participants to tag a friend they would like to share a coffee with. Out of all entrants, 5 customers would be randomly selected. The lucky 5 won a cup for both themselves and their friends, with Hudson’s giving out 10 cups in total.

The second ad required participants to reveal how many cups of coffee they drink per day. As with the first competition, customers were selected at random to win a Hudson’s Coffee KeepCup. The strategy was considered an all-round triumph, achieving the goals Hudson’s Coffee had set from the get-go.

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