Driving Customer Growth
Through Clear Communication.


Client: iSelect
Pillars: Design / Development

iSelect were looking to simplify their digital communications to help educate and engage more users to their digital platforms. Appscore analysed the data and provided a dedicated team of content writers to produce consistent, high-quality content that would boost engagement within just 3 months.

The Results.


increase in customers to their digital platforms


increase in engagement within 3 months

33k +

users engaged every month

The Business Problem

Focused on user growth, iSelect were looking to utilise their digital platforms and drive greater customer engagement. Tailoring their communications to the right people was the objective and required a dedicated advertising solution that clearly communicated their services and values.

iSelect approached Appscore to identify avenues of improvement and to work on customer-facing advertising to drive service awareness, engagement and use.

How We Solved It.

Kicking off with a discovery phase, we identified core business areas experiencing growth and the solutions that iSelect wanted to execute. Generating awareness was a challenge for iSelect, so they tasked us with creating SEO content to rectify this issue. We made sure to create consistent messaging that presented the brand values within the ad work and better utilised their SEO abilities to boost awareness.

We researched the target demographic to better understand the needs of their users and how to appeal to them. We employed conversion analysis to study drop-off rates and better tailor our solution to engage the customer.

By performing a deep dive into the analytics that iSelect had at their disposal, we provided a dedicated content team to build and implement a content plan that would boost user experience.

The Solution.

1Identifying the needs of core business areas.

By allocating resources to the 4 core areas of iSelect that were expecting the largest growth, our dedicated team were able to remain focused on the end goal. Studying the conversion rates from each digital medium, we were able to educate iSelect on what areas required the most attention and build a marketing plan to suit their users needs.

2Creating consistent content.

Our team began improving upon the SEO and paid ads, producing over 100 items of content per month. Our advertising solution provided as much information to as many people in the target demographic as possible. Having already agreed upon certain rules (such as tone of voice, key points, etc.), our team created content that reflected iSelect’s values.

3Analysing and reacting to results.

As data began to compile from our SEO, our team analysed what was hitting the mark, and what needed work. Constantly keeping an eye on trends, our team remained agile with our content, reacting swiftly to market demands. In the first 3 months, our solution increased engagement by 15%.

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