A Bespoke Solution Amidst
Challenging Infrastructure.

Marvel Stadium

Client: Marvel Stadium
Pillars: Software Development

Uplifting their entire members area - The Medallion Club - Marvel Stadium needed a bespoke solution to provide members with diverse world-class entertainment options. Appscore worked with Marvel Stadium to implement a tablet-based application capable of streaming to 1,100 devices simultaneously.

The Results.


member satisfaction


increase in customer engagement

1.7 mil

hours of available streamed content

The Business Problem

Undertaking a complete uplift of their Medallion Club members area, Marvel Stadium faced the task of creating a brand new in-seat entertainment solution. Running 1,100 tablet devices simultaneously within a difficult stadium environment posed technical challenges, while also facing the task of delivering a varied range of digital entertainment for mass appeal.

Marvel Stadium approached Appscore to deliver an all-in-one solution, connecting channel providers, multiple streaming services and protocol types together in a UI-friendly app.

How We Solved It.

Appscore kicked off with a discovery stage, engaging Marvel Stadium team members to establish a comprehensive picture of their current and future goals. Working onsite, we identified pain points relating to physical infrastructure and then developed potential solutions. A road map of Marvel Stadium’s long-term goals was researched, allowing us to deliver a future-proof solution to benefit all members.

Findings from this phase were used to create iterative prototypes of a tablet-based app that was piloted onsite at Marvel Stadium. This helped to address key technical concerns and ensure thorough user testing throughout the project.

The result saw us implement a tablet-based application that was specifically adapted to the hardware, software and challenging stadium environment. The solution was rolled out successfully, able to be used simultaneously across 1,100 devices within the stadium.

The Solution.

1Appealing to all demographics.

Appscore created a solution that sourced a diverse range of content, appealing to all attendees. By sourcing inclusive content for the digital entertainment solution, we saw engagement and satisfaction rates rise significantly.

2Combatting a difficult environment.

Our solution connected several channel providers, streams and entertainment options seamlessly. Though the technical limitations that come with a large stadium were a challenge, the ingenuity of our team inspired a truly fantastic end-product, bringing a premium entertainment solution to Medallion Club members.

3World class entertainment experiance.

Setting a world-class standard, Marvel Stadium are constantly pushing to deliver the best service to their members. Appscore delivered a solution which provided over 1.7 million hours of streamed content within an aesthetically pleasing app. The functionality of the solution exceeded Marvel Stadium’s expectations and led to a 98% satisfaction rate among members.

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