Accelerating Cloud
Migration Through Team


Client: MYOB
Pillars: Consulting

MYOB faced tight deadlines for their cloud migration and didn’t have the internal resources available. They approached Appscore to augment a team within their company and assist with the migration. Within 3 weeks, 20 Appscore engineers had been deployed, workshopping and implementing a successful cloud migration solution.

The Results.

The Business Problem

Modern companies require modern capabilities. MYOB identified that a cloud migration strategy was imperative to the health of future business. Having to handle a lot of data, MYOB didn’t have the team to properly address key problems and enact a solution. A successful cloud migration would streamline a variety of processes across their internal workflows and deliver an advanced platform that would improve customer experience.

MYOB approached Appscore looking to augment a team of highly specialised engineers into their offices in Sydney. Knowing of our expertise in front-end development, MYOB were confident in our approach to tackle their existing challenges.

How We Solved It.

Immediately augmenting a team alongside MYOB staff, we were able to workshop and identify the level of technical knowledge the employees possessed. Identifying the key areas that needed to be addressed, we allocated resources to the areas of high priority.

Our team consulted with MYOB on front-end development and cloud migration. We created a wireframe to help MYOB visualise each step of the migration, and to better understand how it would be implemented. Working onsite also allowed us to gauge the office culture and environment. This helped us hand-pick the most suitable engineers to be augmented within the company.

Once we had a clear picture of the cloud migration solution, we began to populate the MYOB office with our augmented team. Within three weeks, 20 engineers were working onsite, developing a cloud migration strategy to transform the MYOB workflow.

The Solution.

1Successful Team Augmentation.

Identifying the need for cultural fit and the development of expertise, we augmented a team within the MYOB office that were able to excel. With 20 engineers placed in a three-week period, we developed a cloud migration solution swiftly and efficiently.

2Consulting then delivering an intuitive user experience.

We workshopped with MYOB to determine the current infrastructure restrictions as well as the client’s requirements. In the discovery phase, it was imperative to identify the major hurdles that MYOB would face in the process, and adequately position resources towards their pain points.

3Future-proofing an organisational workflow.

As technical advancements hurdle towards cloud-based workflow, it was important to deliver a seamless transition to an agile new system. Moving forward, MYOB will be able to integrate all new processes directly into the cloud structure, future-proofing their systems.

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