Redesigning The
Customer Experience.


Client: NAB
Pillars: Design

NAB needed to clean up and standardise their online UI and UX to better deliver high-quality customer service. NAB engaged Appscore to develop consistency across their forms for both bankers and customers, as well as creating a brand new design language.

The Results.

  • Designed and implemented a self-service form creator
  • Created a new design language
  • Developed consistency of experience across forms for bankers and customers.

The Business Problem

Identifying a decline in user satisfaction across UI platforms, NAB embarked on a deep dive into their existing processes and their consistency between internal and external systems. Stark contrasts between user-facing forms and staff-facing forms was restricting effective communication with the customer.

In need of a total redesign, and without capability to perform the task in-house, NAB approached Appscore to share their knowledge of design-led endeavours to workshop a solution to their business problems.

How We Solved It.

Opening a discovery phase, we first focused our attention on the inconsistencies between customer and staff-facing forms. The form systems to apply for credit cards and personal loans varied widely between customers and employees. As a priority we began usability testing, customer interviews and affinity maps to determine the major pain points.

With a wealth of knowledge from workshopping during the discovery phase, our UI and UX team were augmented into the NAB workplace.

Without the internal resources to implement the sweeping changes, our developers worked alongside the NAB platform and business owners to redesign their digital form solution. This included running A/B testing, creating personas, writing affinity diagrams and journey mapping.

The Solution.

1Consistency between customers and staff.

Inconsistency proved a major pain point for employees and customers, making the NAB processes more difficult. Our solution brought consistency across platforms for both customers and staff, leading to a greater understanding between the two parties, which resulted in higher satisfaction.

2Created a self-service form platform.

Collaborating with the NAB dev team and staff, we created a self-service app that could be edited and redesigned by all internal users. This led to greater flexibility in updating forms for client needs.

3Updating the framework.

Working with the NAB platform and business owners, we were able to define and dispense an updated version of guidelines and design language for current and future systems. This proved immediately useful with the UX and UI updates and will continue to serve NAB for all future updates.

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