Samsung, one of the world’s largest and distinguished information technology companies, maintain a strong ‘People First’ philosophy in encompassing the core values that define their spirit. From prioritising such, Samsung strive to provide their employees with a single point of truth when selling and distributing their various products.

To achieve this, we worked closely with Samsung’s Learning & Development team to ensure an innovative solution as to inform, engage and instil confidence in those who represent the brand. We created an all-new, exclusive and gamified Samsung+ portal for personnel to log in and simply, enjoy the pioneering world of Samsung.

Samsung +
Samsung +


iOS & Android App iOS & Android App
Full CMS Integration Full CMS Integration
Segmented Content and Distribution Segmented Content and Distribution
Simple, Intuitive UI Simple, Intuitive UI


The all-new Samsung+ application, which serves as an exclusive portal with logins and segmented content, assures a seamless user experience across iOS, Android and Web. We gamified this application in order to enable a highly informative yet interactive and engaging user experience.

This application provides users with elite access to segmented and specialised content that’s generated by Samsung admins, including special news, product information, training courses, quizzes, tips and tricks, ratings and reviews and much more. The application also features an XP, which rewards users as they learn with experience points and badges.

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The Challenge

Prior to the development of this new Samsung+ portal, there was originally a website. Samsung intended to enable a single point of truth through this platform, though it wasn’t responsive across devices, lacked engagement and segmentation.

Our primary challenge was to create a mobile-first application with complete responsiveness across devices, while allowing for the region-specific distribution of segmented content. Moreover, our goal was to both instil confidence in those who represent the brand and to excite users when enhancing their product knowledge.

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During close collaboration with Samsung’s Learning & Development team, whereby we encapsulated the complete objective, we built an all-new Samsung+ application as an exclusive portal with full CMS integration. This portal enables admins to generate and distribute segmented and dynamic content.

This application also showcases an intuitive user interface and enables users to perform all necessary actions, while boasting core components of the gamification process as to excite and reward users when completing various training courses and quizzes. This application also empowers the region-specific distribution of content, and is responsive across iOS, Android and Web.


The Process

The Process

Our core team of developers work closely together with Samsung’s Learning and Development team through agile methodologies to effectively take on and action client feedback. We built this exclusive Samsung+ portal through executing the following:

  • First, we built a CMS for full integration with the Android app that we simultaneously built, in order to enable the segmented creation and distribution of content.
  • We then created an iOS app, allowing for a seamless user experience across platforms, while keeping the gamification process firmly in mind; adding exciting new features and functions along the way.
  • Following the gamification process, finessing overall functionality and receiving client satisfaction, we then built a separate web application.

At present, we continue to work closely with Samsung as we incessantly brainstorm how to make the user experience (even) more interesting and exciting across platforms, while overall enhancing the exclusive Samsung+ portal to meet their specific business objectives and goals.

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