Snowy Hydro is at the forefront of Australia’s renewable energy sector, supplying the Eastern Mainland with clean power. The electricity generator and retailer conducts a full-suite of hydro-electric jobs across vast distances, underpinning a need for efficiency and centralisation in their internal processes. That’s where we came in! We worked with snowy Hydro to develop a game-changing tablet app that would overhaul their operations.

Snowy Hydro
Snowy Hydro


iOS App iOS App
Android App Android App
Digitised Paperwork Digitised Paperwork
Task Automation Task Automation


Through the workforce application, employees can:

  • View all tasks to discover the most suitable assignment
  • Review task break-downs (for instance, what equipment is required)
  • Conduct data-entry to fill in requirements and information on tasks
  • Request or generate new tasks
  • Automate certain tasks
  • Interact and engage with other staff members and the head office
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The Challenge

Streamlining time-wasting procedures

The team at Snowy Hydro had experienced significant time-wastage due to convoluted internal procedures. For example, employees would arrive at jobsites which lacked the right tools for the job. Necessary paperwork was often left behind, and jobs had to go through several staff members before finally getting delegated. This inefficiency had a detrimental effect on the business, from staff workloads to profit margins.

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Storing data in an integrated platform

To solve the problems of wasted time and poor communication, we created a smart tablet app that lets staff leave paperwork at the office with confidence. How did we achieve this? By creating an app to digitalise their data in one central platform. This allowed employees to access necessary information on-the-go, negating the need for hard-copies. Staff could travel between jobsites and effectively liaise with each other in the process. Implementing the app resulted in mobilised, efficient procedures – no more time wasted flying onto jobsites without the right tools!

The Process

The Process

Over the course of this project, Appscore collaborated with Snowy Hydro to enhance their field operations. They required an app that would cancel out problems of poor preparation and miscommunication between staff. To accomplish this, we worked closely with the client to review their internal procedures. This entailed a thorough process of discovering and defining the issues faced by the business to work towards an effective solution.

Once all internal processes were mapped out, our team knew what we had to work with. This app had a big role to play: It needed the capacity to handle several users at once from various locations, store large amounts of data, and facilitate messaging between staff members in real-time. A centralised platform would address these requirements and more, proving to be the ultimate remedy to the electricity retailer’s organisational woes.

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