Yarra Trams has an immense responsibility. They’re accountable for more than just the day-to-day operations of Melbourne’s extensive tram network: The company plays an essential role in millions of daily commutes. Accessibility, convenience and reliability are crucial to their services. With this in mind, Yarra Trams collaborated with Appscore to develop a free live travel information app. By providing tram arrival and departure schedules in real-time, plus alerting users to any service disruptions along their routes, this app transformed how Melburnians plan their commutes.

Yarra Trams
Yarra Trams


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tramTRACKER uses GPS tracking, which picks up signals from beacons embedded into each tram stop. That’s the secret to how real-time information gets transmitted to the app user’s devices, allowing them to accurately plan their journey down to the minute.

Tram travellers across Melbourne can precisely predict their journeys thanks to:

  • Search function enabling users to search for their stop name or stop number
  • GPS tracking directing users to nearest tram stops and associated routes
  • Indication of free tram zones
  • Map features displaying user location in detail
  • Live tracking of tram departure and arrival times
  • Service disruption alerts
  • Identification of easy access stops (for wheelchairs, prams etc.), stops with shelters, and ticket outlets
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The Challenge

Enhancing Commuter Experience

The ultimate challenge faced by Yarra Trams was to keep customers satisfied in an age where information is instantly available. The explosion of smartphone use saw GPS infiltrating our daily lives – this was a game-changer. Capitalising on these developments was vital to simplifying journey planning and improving commuter experience on the tram network.

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Delivering real-time journey information at their fingertips

Appscore liaised with the team at Yarra Trams to work out how an app could best serve their customers. When analysing common complaints, a solution quickly arose: Commuters needed an easy way to view live journey information on their mobile devices. Tram travellers would use the app on the move, so accessibility was paramount. We devised an intuitive, user-friendly interface that public transport users could rapidly decipher, even while in a hurry. After its release, tramTRACKER lifted levels of customer satisfaction across the board.

The Process

The Process

Appscore conducts workshops with Yarra Trams on a regular basis to continually improve the product. From optimisation for new OS updates, to introducing new platforms such as the Apple Watch – we keep the tram network up-to-speed with industry innovation for the benefit of their customers.

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